ACKtiques works with local shippers and we are happy to help you with shipping estimates in order to arrange for the fastest and safest transport.
ACKtiques does not receive any shipping or handling fees.
If an item is damaged during shipment, please notify the shipper immediately. ACKtiques is not responsible for any damage incurred during transport.

Massachussetts sales tax is due on each item except upon receipt of a valid Sellers Registration/Tax Certificate or if the object is being professionally shipped out of Massachussetts.

ACKtiques offers a trade discount to design professionals holding a valid Sellers Registration / Tax Certificate.

ACKtiques is happy to reserve an item for you. If another party wishes to purchase an item on your reserve list, we will attempt to reach you by phone and email before selling the item. If we are unable to make contact with you within 24 hours, we retain the right to sell the item to the other party.
ACKtiques will reserve an item for maximum 5 days.

ACKtiques is happy to let you take an item out on approval. We will keep a copy of your credit card details for up to 5 days. If you do not return the item at the end of those 5 days, we will consider the item as sold and charge your credit card. Any damages incurred to the item while out on approval are your responsibility.